Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 05: Seed Packet Prompt (I live without a Mirror)

I live without a mirror
or an honest critic.
I live without advice.
I don't know what is
preferable but I see
what others like..

you can be assured.
but I can't say that
I am any of those things,
certainly not perky or sweet
not sinewy or ethereal,
not sparkling or desired.

but I can't say I'm too hideous,
though I've seen younger days.
I react easily when engaged,
and am solid and steadfast.
I thrive in sun and wind,
and don't mind the rain,
darkness does no harm,
but only when I'm game.

No I am not a prize winner,
certainly no rose, no flower,
though my color isn't bad.
I blush when fussed over
like anyone, and grow
in your daily ardor.
instead I work within
from deep inside,
where hearts take root;
and burn with a hidden fire.

I am good company for everyone,
and will not complain
if not offered a drink..
but like a vine I wind,
and come to life in your light.
I try to be patient and quiet
and with the right attention,
hope that's what you'll desire.

Today's Prompt (aeed packets)

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