Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 04: A Long Summer

a janky poem a day.. this is getting hard. I don't get inspired very often so forcing me to come up with something every day just makes it worse. Blah.. and now, the "cruelest month" prompt, (are months cruel??)

no one talks

A long Summer..

the cruelest time
is when we are away..
no exams to be had
but set adrift..
to make our own plans.
to stack up the books
or binge on films,
or hike up the hills!
or hunker down..
ponder death..
take a long trip
or a sleep in the sun.
clear out the gutter,
re-layer some paint..
find a hobby or
just contemplate.
don't waste time
but get things done..

today's prompt.. "the cruelest month"

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