Saturday, April 2, 2016

Day 02: Type 1

My brothers and myself.. Bob on the left, and Craig on the right.. one of my favorite photos of the three of us..

Type 1

"A trail of crumbs
in the garage
and on the bathroom sink.."
not from me but you.
"Where would I get the money
for "Suzy Qs"
or Hostess Pies?"
I ask but am told..
you are full of lies.
No one knows, but you,
and why should I blame
a big brother
sneaking treats..
regardless that
these feats mean death;
I used to envy you..
by the time the sickness comes
the evidence is long gone.
As for me, my lungs collapse,
the passages shrink
and like a fish out of water
I gasp, I grasp, and choke.
Asthma is no joke.
Kids like sweets;
and always found out.

today's prompt something about family.. this one about my brother Bob who passed March 2011..

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