Friday, April 10, 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 10

This needs re-working & a poem a day doesn't really allow for that.. I was reading one of those memes about how if people cared they would make an effort.. they would be the ones looking to talk to you, to ask you to spend time.. that it wouldn't be one way, and it just reminds me that I hold on and don't give up on people as quick as I probably should..

How do you know if it's OK to care and when to just give up? How do you know if people are sincere? I agree, sometimes I want to be the one that's asked to tea.. even if I can't go. You get to a place some days when you're the one always asking to do or go or talk, you feel foolish, like you're throwing yourself at someone. In reality all you really want is be there to listen, or shoot the breeze, or share a funny story, or sit in silence and enjoy the company. I suppose there's no time for that these days.. which is why I say thank you for the time.. for the hello or the smile. It seems so expensive a gift to receive from people... and maybe that's why I ask.. should I not? (should we not?)

#10 care

that I care
should I not?
how to care for the human race
and not care for individuals
how to bend and not break
from feeling the wrongs
and feeling wrong.
for hurting,
for mistakes,
for wanting to make
right when no one cares
if I do.
If I don't..
If I do,
am I wrong?
the silence hurts and yet,
as long
(as long as you don't say)
maybe it's better
this way..
not to care.
When you are gone
and when you return.
I want to wish you all well.
when you have a bad day,
I'd want to know..
I would listen if you let me.
foolish that way.
for caring.
and I do

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