Thursday, April 9, 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 09

Today's prompt was 'visual poetry' where one makes literal pictures out of letters and words. Great if you're into that and have the time. I have neither. Nor do I feel especially inspired. Since it's Thursday ("throwback Thursday") I figured I'd take advantage and post and old poem.. still bad but somewhat visual.

Some background.. In Feb 1997, I was on a return trip from a very negative experience moving all my belongings from New Orleans to SF and back.. probably one of the lowest times in my life where I had to call in so many favors to get my life back together. I had this small moment of utter clarity that I wished could have lasted forever.. An open door swings open for a moment, and you can see so many options in front of you for a very short period.. and for me, that was when I let go for a moment and felt so completly centered. Then I remembered how much money I had left for gas and I went back to panicing. ;) When the dust settled somewhat (some mistakes take years to fix), I sat down and wrote this poem, trying to recapture the mood and feeling.

Hopefully you can picture yourself in the middle of a dark expanse of highway late at night in February with the wintery chill.. and black ice warnings. I actually thought I saw some shooting stars.. but 'comets' sounded better at the time, I guess.. It was probably something else entirely.

Poetry explained is probably pointless.

#9 New Mexico Night (a throwback Thursday Poem)

new mexico night,
how pure and clean!
the crunch and coolness
of frost in the air.
lost beneath the black star-dappled
blanket of sky.
comets streak by.
my breath seen
the first time in years.
my lungs full.
my hands uncleanched.
my heart open.
under the cool, sweet embrace
of a spring new mexico night.
black ice.
open expanses for miles around.
infinity in my sight.

2 July 1997

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