Thursday, April 2, 2015

NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 02

day 2 prompt is something about stars or constellations.. I never do things the way people expect me to. so I'll just do what popped it my head today.. obviously it needs work, but I don't think that is the point of these exercises..

#2 Moving Night

the stars never feel
the same
when moving through
the night.

I stand between the frosted hills
of the Grapevine..
South I know there's a pool of
friends and good times.
I can hear the noise of the LA
that exists
in my own experience
and the energy
that waits.

Toward the North, the valley
spreads out before me, in darkened
shadow and chill..
the dust of lights far away,
and a calm serenity alight.

we fill the tank
of the rental
grabbing some caffeine and chips
and we keep moving

there's a joy
in what is to come
and a sadness in what
is left behind.
Regardless of where we go,
the choices are what we make.

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