Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trusting (friendship)


That elusive thing.
That joy-Spring given,
that promise made.
when words pass your lips,
and I, like a fool,
take you in.
You know I want to believe,
these human needs?
and Hope eternal.
Past recalled,
knowing I should not..
Liken to cat-fishing,
wishing, holding,
watchful all-along.
and trust,
like light on the horizon,
rainbow after rain,
promises made.
sliding sand,
beach battered

Trust, but wait..
Trust, but watch.
Trust, but hope.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

friendship won't be announced


friendship won't be announced
like a call to dinner
no it will slip through the tracks,
on a bridge long abandoned..
like sunlight through a grate.
It'll seep into the cracks,
down the deep well,
like a long-distance flood.
It'll mix into the dark
and let that ink bleed away..
tap-out the sadness
that's kept company all the days.

friendship happens
like the breeze that has blown
away a favorite hat.
that secret laugh that only
is known what it means,
all is well.. no need to tell.
no need to speak..
Just let it happen if it's wanted.
wake up in that light, let it shine
deep in the gutters of the soul.
and brighten things up around here.
friendship wont' be announced.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

good story

find it good,
spinning words
into story
story into langue..

words of history
and of community.
spreading emotion
through the text.

forming connections
from spirit and heart
family and tongue.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

untitled (we sit in shadows)

with bended knee
we sit in shadows
watching as the world walks by,
heads down,
eyes transfixed,
wires dangle from ears,
and screens glow..
the random scream,
a few laughs and
squeaking wheels
as carts pulled behind,
pass by.
i watch you walking,
serious and tired.
an exhausted smile
on your face.. pushing,
no, pulling..
another saunter along.
everyone has a place
to go,
a place to be.. quickly.
i watch and wait and while
the hour goes.. reading
in your body language and
hope to give encouragement..
and pass my day,
give a smile back to me,
once you've made it
your own.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Patience 2

Ansel Adams I am not..

Will you
remember me
when all the days go by?
While I wait
for you.
Through rainy days,
sun-dappled green
wind-wrested mornings..
I breathe the sigh,
and wonder why
I should wait
but willing,
I do.
I hope for you.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

If I can't be Pretty, Let me be Worthwhile

If I can't be pretty,
let me be worthwhile.
let me be a part of this,
the circle of your smiles.
Let me be filled with
your goodwill and your joy.
let me know you in
even discreetly,
but personably,
deserving your esteem.
If I can't be pretty,
let me (at least) be worthwhile.

09 July 2016

edited & posted
11 July 2016