Friday, May 18, 2018

Paper You

#typewriters #BDG Oct. #1916


Feel like a fool for you.
these words that trip
and trip...
and make no sense.
who and whom and when and where?
Oh the subject
always must agree.
the words I can never say.
change the subject and turn and red.
circle the line, and then

Mark up.


My paragraph makes no sense,
my line is fragmented.
My source is questioned,
and alone with crumbled pride.

Why ask?
Why wonder?
Why bother?
I am rent.
I am torn.

My meaning is lost, and confused.
Silent I'll stay
but hope.

The words will come one day.
The words will have meaning
and I will keep at work
but I will no longer
be a fool for you.
will come.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Let it Pass

Why should I care
if you write or if you call?
if you even know I breath

at all?

We invest in people,
our hearts, and minds,
like books taking space,
the words we write,
the speech we make.
until we become silenced by regret.

why emote?
why and why, oh why...

Let it Pass.
the hurt and the waste.

Let it not feel
or hurt or wear a groove
or take up root,
or make a song
nor let the heart to break.

Be a book I read
and then moved on,
a happy memory
or strange dream.

A chapter of life
we read and leave
but learn
and recall.
You were never real,
I was nothing at all.

because I don't exist
and not a person to you,
any you.


Why should I care
if you write or if you call?
if you even know I breath

or there, at all?

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Ocean Beach
rainy day at Ocean Beach (Sutro Walk March 2016)

I look forward to the sleep.
not today
or even tomorrow.
the deep sleep of not waking
will happen but not today,
today I move, I breathe,
I hope.
I look for the good in the world,
I keep going.
Some days are grey,
the cloud forms overhead,
voluminous, thick, foamy,
sometimes rain.
The rain comes for days,
and when I think it won't dissipate.
it dissipates.
Grateful for the Sun,
the warm, life-giving,
heartwarming, fingers tingling,
grateful, grass-growing, wind-willing,
growth and green.
The seas seen,
the footpaths walked.
The rose garden admired.
The Bench acquired.
and then
When that day is done,
just one.
I will sleep,
having seen the things I've seen,
and the world I've learned,
good people don't weep.
I will be asleep,
nothing in the world
will bother my mind,
alone and at peace.
Thankful to finally get the sleep.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Day 5: Ground Squirrel

Day 5 Prompt: write a poem that is based in the natural world.


Ground Squirrel
hidden in the rocks,
grey fur on grey stone
lost then found,
hiding from prey..

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Day 4 Nightly Ritual

sleep comes soon.
the cat walks on my face,
settles down on my pillow and
wraps his tail
around my neck.
creates a furry scarf
and a purring to sleep.
a fuzzy corridor
opens in my mind
swirling, falling coma.
this sleep would be
very fine this time..
but then he stretches,
and digs his claws in.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 3: Impatient

Day 3 Prompt: Write an elegy – a poem that mourns or honors someone dead or something gone by.


I hurried along,
I tripped and fell
and still I
missed you.
Too late,
I left a note
in my head
and sent to you.
Wait for me,
I will come.
and I will meet you.
We will be
in the end.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day 2: Lemon Square

Day 2 Prompt : write a poem inspired by, or in the form of, a recipe!

Boxed lemon Squares.. Base came out fine but not as lemony good as going to Berkeley Espresso 😏

lemon square
but pliable.
broken bits
with fork
or fingers:
tart, sweet
lemony good.